All that you wanted to know about the Indian jewellery

Since ancient times, the Indian culture and livelihood consisted of Gold jewellery as its primary means of embellishment of humans and decorating sculptures at noble places. Even the most historic civilizations of the world handed over evidences which proves the same. Gold is often classified as a financial asset which is looked upon as recession or juncture confirmation and is often found to be something to obsess over. And over the decades, the dawn of exquisite Indian jewellery designs, persistent craftsmanship has been observed and with this, came the various categories of the Indianjewellery designs with each of them possessing their own unique and distinctive craftsmanship.

Meenakari Jewellery– The history of Meenakaari traces back to the Mughal periods when it was first used in the Arabic Countries and introduced in India by the Mughals. The Meenakari technique of  jewellery design leaves the gold with artistic engraved forms of natural flowers and birds. Enamel dusts can be observed on the carvings which are later mixed with metal with the help of heat provided to each individual groove. The grooves are finally given a fine luster by some smooth crystal polishing.

The Meenakari design soon spread throughout India shortly after the dilettante of Arts, Raja Sawai Mansingh patronized the rich art and started inviting skilled artisans to his kingdom, which ultimately resulted in the widespread of this highly appreciated skill to the localjewellery makers. It is also observed that Meenakari soon was listed in the south Indian jewellery trends.

Jadau/Jadtar Jewellery– The Jadau design is said to have originated from the state of Rajasthan. In this design, the main beauty comes from the highly decorated arrangements of crystals, stones as well as pearls. The Jadau jewelry’s elegant looks combined with skilled efforts and craftsmanship, has really made it popular, mainly among the women in the northern side of India.

The Jadau design of jewellery involves the gold to be melted and then the stones can be put into it as wished. After a prolonged time, the beauty is born without any further touching as the gold loses its heat. For protection against shackles, which might cause the stones to move, soldering of gold foils is done.

The Jadau gained widespread popularity mainly in the western side of India where Jadau is mainly sold. However, further designs such as Polki and Kundan exist as they are considered as a sub-category of Jadau as they somewhat use the same technique.

Polki Jewellery– This design is a sub-category of the Jadau, and it enhances the glossiness of the Jadau with uncut diamonds obtained from mines and as it is made up of quality diamonds with unprocessed gold, it makes thejewellery non-inexpensive from every angle. And as Meenakaari, this too is adopted from Mughals but it highly refers to the original Jadau jewellery.

Kundan jewelleryJust as the word means, Kundan refers to gold jewellery but not only that, what makes it different from general gold jewellery is not only the amount of molten gold it requires but also the rich arrangements of glass beads, pearls and gems it uses.


Everything you want to know about Orchids

We will be talking about everything you want to know about orchids. They are popularly associated with fertility, sexuality and virility. In China, Orchids were long associated with integrity, elegance and friendship and during the Victorian age, Orchids were found only in tropics and were therefore considered very rare and people of refined taste will only like. Hence, orchids are considered to be luxurious gifts and when gifted to the person you love is sure to be a true reflection of love and passion for the recipient.

In Ancient Greece, it was often believed that if father ate the thick tube, the child would turn out to be male and if the mother ate thinner and fleshy tubes the child would turn out to be female. So, orchids will allow you to choose the sex of the child. You can send flowersto appreciate you Mom, sister, girlfriend for all those wonderful things she has done for you.


Many renowned writers and poets have written poems which revolve around the flower orchids. Different colored orchids have known to have different symbolisms. For example, white orchid will be a strong symbolism of innocence and purity, whereas pink stands for grace, femininity and joy, yellow for friendship and new beginnings and purple for extreme admiration and royalty.

You will feel truly enlighten to find out that orchids are considered to be perfect flowers for a couple’s 14th and 25th Anniversary. They are also known to be a key flower behind the vanilla extract, a flavour which is widely used while baking cookies, cakes and other baked item. Since it is known for its fragrance worldwide, it is one of the most prominent fragrances in perfume and aromatherapy.


Orchids have known to have some medicinal benefits too. In China it is used by many for coughs, disease of kidney, lungs, stomach and eye too. You can shop for a premium arrangement of orchid either online which is quite artistically arranged by some renowned florists with the expertise that they have. You can shop for a wide variety of colors and patterns. These flowers are picked fresh from the floral farms and can be shipped fresh to the destination of your choice.

You can shop for several floral arrangement from an online store and get it delivered to the destination of your choice. All these flowers are freshly picked from floral farms and are shipped within few hours. The flexible delivery options which are available with many online portals allow you to send flowers to Pune with express delivery services.


Interesting Facts About Our Food and Sweets


Each and every country has its specialty of cuisine. India is a big nation comprising many states, religion, caste, color, etc. and therefore, talking about food of India would take years to finish. Food habit of people is a result of the physical climate they are living in. In fact taste buds are also formed as per the agro-climatic region you belong. For example, if an Indian is from Assam or any Eastern states, he/she would be more inclined to consumption of rice. Whereas, any North Indian person would prefer Wheat or Roti. Apart from that, the spices and condiments used is also different for different parts of India. For example, one would find more of mustard seeds and coconut in South Indian food. Whereas, North Indian food is more about cumin seeds and ginger-garlic paste. But sweets is the one and only thing that can bind every Indian after a plate of lunch or dinner. Sweets is mandatory for all our occasions in all parts of the country. Rakhi with sweets like KajuKatli, Diwali with sweets like Laddoo, and Holi with sweets like Pedha are common.

Indian Sweets

Now, let’s check these wonderful facts about India’s food and sweet culture.

  1. The first and foremost fact is that any Indian food has to contain six tastes – sweet, salty, astringent, bitter, sour, and chilly. All these six type of taste has to be present in any Indian food and only one among them would stand out than the rest five as per the selected cuisine.
  1. Indian food is spicy, chilly, and oily. Yes, it is but still it has at least 8000 restaurants in USA. And the regular eaters there are not only Indian but Americans as well. Foreigners may complain of so much spice in our food, but they are really tasty and that is why they love eating it once in a while.
  1. Indian food has a history of more than 5000 years. It began with the Harappan civilization who incorporated vegetables in our diet.
  1. Unlike any other region of the world, our breakfast is no less than a proper meal. Paranthas, pickle, curd, bread, vegetable, or kachori, kulcha forms the definition of a breakfast here.
  1. We love our spices too much – right? Remember the famous scene from the Bollywood movie Queen, where Rani complains of the bland Italoan food and the chef comes to ask “You Indians put the chilly everywhere”. But we just cannot understand the taste of a vegetable or chicken without our ginger-garlic paste, chilli-garlic paste, and coriander chutney. And these spices make our food so special.
  1. Sweets when home-made by mom becomes really special. Halwa of sooji or carrots are dearer to us than a chocolate or cake. Apart from that w ehavekulfi, falooda, sandesh, etc. as our own sweet.

So, on the upcoming occasion of rakhi prepare the favorite food of your brother along with rakhi sweets to make him feel special.


Why Jewelry Makes the Best Gift

Jewelry is the gift that is always right. Whether you choose to purchase a ring, bracelet, pendant, or brooch, the person you purchase it for is sure to be thrilled. Holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, and “just because” days are all reasons for giving the perfect gift of jewelry. It’s tasteful, beautiful, practical, and always appreciated. Jewelry is the best gift you can give for a number of reasons.

An Expression of Love

Whether you are purchasing a jewelry gift for your wife, daughter, mother, or special someone, you can be sure they will know it is a representation of your love. Quality vintage jewelry is unlike any other gift when it comes to its association with romance. Gift exchanges between lovers almost always include a piece of exquisite jewelry, and it has been that way for hundreds of years. Jewelry gifts are often presented with a bouquet of flowers or some quality chocolates. However you choose to give your gift, the person receiving it will know they are loved.

Vintage Brooches

Scarves have made a huge comeback in the last few years; now it seems everyone is wearing them. If you ask the best jewelers, they will tell you beautiful vintage brooches are the perfect gift for the woman who loves to wear scarves. The brooch will be showcased where all her friends can see it and will be an integral part of her jewelry collection. Many vintage brooches are white or yellow gold with a diamond array.

Heirloom Rings

Some of the most unique and beautiful rings are vintage diamond creations. A beautiful ring is an appropriate gift for many occasions and not just for an engagement. Anniversary, birthday, and holidays are wonderful opportunities to present a ring for the right hand to wear. If you have a daughter graduating from high school or college this spring, imagine the excitement on her face when you present her with a charming filigree vintage diamond ring. It will be the first piece of jewelry in her own family heirloom collection to pass on to one of her children someday.


According to most great jewelers, a diamond pendant is a tasteful gift for any occasion. Every women likes a beautiful diamond pendant to wear when she is dressed up for an evening out. It goes with any style from casual to formal. It’s a perfect gift for any woman in your life.

The next time a special gift occasion is coming up, choose a piece of vintage diamond jewelry for your loved one.

Royal watches for men

There are several generations passed, but the importance of wearing watches is not reduced. Watch is the favorite accessory for most of the people. When they go out they love to wear it. If you see the employees or business leaders they love to wear watch. While they are dressing or making up, they feel incomplete if the person forgot to put on watch.

Classic watches online

We can find watch from low price to high price. According to the brand, the quality and price varies. You can find more models from single brand so that the manufactures introduce at particular season. Each person has their favorite taste so that they are waiting for new stylish watches. Some models come with the combination of traditional and modern types. As there are lots of models available so the person will like to wear different ones. It is because the single model will make them bored. If you are the person seeking for classic watches which give royal looks. Then top brands are there for you but choose the right one according to your size of hand. Before you choose the brand plan your budget and start to search. Among the high brands, Rolex is the most popular one. Most of the means love to wear and they consider it as a prestigious one. Yes it gives elegant and decent appearance.

There are bracelets, gold plated and designer watches for men. Online shopping is highly welcomed by people. As internet is the greatest source to find more information. If the person wants to know about some product he or she can use the technology. Online sites are providing the details of watches and there are the dealers for selling the brand products. They sell the watches at affordable prices. If you have old watch that you are not using for long years then you can sell it or exchange it by buying new one.

Offers are provided by dealers to receive the old watches at certain price. If you go through the reputed blog you will get some ideas. You can find your favorite models that you may miss. One of the favorite models from Rolex is Mens Presidential Rolex. Get this classy watch from online sites that afford the best service. Read the reviews and feedbacks of the blog which was given by audience. It may aid you to find reputed sellers. Do not select the site at a first click. Compare the quality and prices of the products with other dealers. If you are satisfied with dealings then approach them. Make sure that they provide safe and secure payment options. Check whether they provide comfortable customer service or not. Some may like bracelets model and leather strap. Both gives good look and wear the watch according to occasion. You need not to roam many places to get the required watch. You can just sit at home and shop whenever you want. Online dealers make your shopping easy and you can save your fuels. Get the warranty card along with product.

Strong rituals behind every Indian festival

India is a land of festivals with rich cultural and traditional festival. People in India belong to diverse culture and religion. People keep themselves occupied in festivals and religion which gives them a break from the monotony and at the same time also gives them a chance to dwell deeper into the beliefs, rituals and strong history. Each celebration has its own significance. With exodus of people to different countries, these festivals are also celebrated with a lot of pomp and show in abroad too.


Hinduism is considered to be oldest religion of the world and behind every Hindu festival there is a strong ritual which is supposed to be followed. Some of the most common rituals are offering to deities, Ganga Jal, fasting, bathing in pure Ganga Jal early morning to wash away all the evil spirits. People consider these rituals to be an important part of the festival. Moreover, people follow all these rituals quite religiously in India.


Some of our popular festivals are celebrated with a lot of zing like Diwali, Holi, Bhaidooj, Navratri, Lohri and Shivratri to name a few. These festivals are an excellent opportunity to bring your families and relatives closer to each other. Amongst one such festival is Rakshabandhan which celebrates the bond of a brother and sister. It is an excellent opportunity to strengthen the relationship that exists between siblings and spend time with them. As a customary ritual sisters tie rakhis on their brothers wrist for their wellbeing and longevity.


Gifting is an inherent part of every Hindu festival. There was a time when siblings used to hunt market places to find the perfect rakhi gifts for brother. But with changing times, now the rakhi gifts are available online which can be delivered with the help of a simple click of the mouse. You will not run out of options too as you can choose from unending list of rakhis such as Zardosi, Kundan, Mauli and Pearl rakhi amongst others. All our rakhi for brother are available at competitive prices to make it easier for your sister. You can browse for several gifts for your siblings too starting from rakhi gift hampers, chocolate hampers and other gift items too.


The traditional customs and rituals transcends well beyond the family which is why India is considered to be a culturally rich when compared to others. Add some zing to the celebration by coming up with some more attractive gift options online for other festivals too.


Secret Santa Gifts

We have a wide range of Secret Santa Gift Ideas and Stocking Fillers all for under £5. Why not consider buying the mouth-tingling Tabasco Chocolate, or maybe the Genie Head Massager, guaranteed to put a smile on a loved ones face! Or how about growing your Own Sprouts? Paarrrppp! If it’s pure fun that you are after, our DIY Drinking Straws will hit the nail right on the head. A guaranteed pleaser, no matter who the recipient.


Buying Secret Santa gifts can be challenging, particularly if you’ve drawn randy Trevor from accounts for the fourth year in a row. It must have been difficult enough to come up with present ideas the first time! There’s no need to panic though, as our product range will serve up treats for everyone in the office.

It’s important to know the tone of your office Secret Santa before you shop. If you’re new and didn’t take part last year it’s worth asking a colleague what was in last year’s parcels. You don’t want to be handing out funny Secret Santa gifts if everyone else has gone down a more serious route. This doesn’t apply if you’ve pulled the boss out of the hat though. It’s an unwritten rule that you have to get them something rude and our Secret Santa ideas will help you do just that. Just make sure your identity stays a secret.

Once you’ve decided on a sentiment it’s time to shop. If you’re reading this then you’re already in the best place to buy Secret Santa presents. It’s important you don’t spend less, or more, than the set limit. If nobody plays by the rules then it’s not going to be any fun. On our site you’ll find Secret Santa gifts for £5, £10 and everything in between. We’ve even got a shed load of Secret Santa ideas for under £5 for those workplaces who’ve imposed tough financial restrictions on participants.

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We love the challenge of finding unusual gift ideas, and want you to enjoy shopping for Secret Santa gifts as much as we do. Explore our selection of clever, thoughtful, small gifts for Christmas – perfect for Secret Santa presents – handpicked by our experts. Happy shopping!

Points to remember before buying headbands for baby

Stylish baby girl headbands are turning into an undeniably mainstream pattern. This expanding prevalence actually accompanies more stores (online and disconnected from the net) keeping stock of infant headbands, in this way expanding your capacity to discover and buy headbands for your child. Obtaining style headbands for infants is positively a suitable and helpful choice for the individuals who need to dress their child taking after the most current design patterns, yet a more moderate and wistful course you could take is to make your own particular style headbands for your infant. Numerous people who had read this article will be amazed by making a headband which also will be excellent solution for catholic christening gifts for every child.

Points to remember before buying headbands for baby

The initial step would be to quantify the head so you know to what extent you need to make the child headbands. At that point, you ought to settle on how wide it would be – an inch or two would suffice. Next, chain five to nine join together – a solitary stitch on the first and second, and after that a twofold sew on the following two chains; changing back to single and twofold then again until the first chain is done. A while later, work with the same example to the end of the line until you achieve the proposed length. For more thickness, you can make another knit headband utilizing the same system and after that stack both completed items so you can line them together on the edges. You can then paste or sew some trim, lace or sequins on the last yield to give it that female touch. On the off chance that you are making one for a kid, you can assemble stitch bugs and creatures as adornments.

Another perspective that will impact the cost is the kind of baby girl headbands you might want. For example, creator groups are not the same cost with the standard groups. Then again, you may need an altered band with names and this implies paying somewhat more for it. At that point contingent upon the amount you had planned for you can get everything in one pack. This implies you can choose a configuration that will arrive in an arrangement of 16 groups with every one of the hues you wish for your child and material. This is dependent upon you to pick what you might want.

Likewise, with the right plans and decision of hues make sure to check whether they will mix in the kid’s storeroom. The thought of mixing in shades of the infant headbands with some of his or her outfits might simply mean an exquisite child. Then again, despite everything you have the alternative of re-checking with quality principles. The thought is to guarantee that your kid reacts severely to a portion of the groups you have purchased for him or her henceforth every need to check the standard prerequisites. You should be able to make the right decision on p with help of this information.

Author Bio: Mandy Gilbert is established as a blogger for a range of online content hubs (including businesses similar to Baby Wisp Inc. baby girl headbands), who covers various online shopping for children themes and areas alike. A tireless nomad of internet community and an opinion builder in all that has to do with the online shopping for children.

Top 5 List Of Fashion Styles For Petite Women

Fashion designers are brilliant enough to recognize that women come in different sizes. While slimming seems to be the new trend, there are some natural petite women who are often less than 5’4″ tall and 100lb heavy. For this reason, designers develop several fashion styles aimed at petite figures and finding one that suites your frame, personality and style should not be a daunting task now. However, there are various insights to collect before you get that perfect style and ads from can help your imagination and creativity for petite fashion. Nonetheless, here is list of top 5 fashion styles known to be fancy for petite women.

  1. Wrap dress –

This is one extremely flattering styles for petite women and it is much better for those who have hourglass figure. It can compliment your curves and features while the surplice wraps give you desirable lean elongated frame. Find any A-line or straight skirt and you will marvel the street. It is a must have for any petite woman and it will accentuate your assets in a way that no other dress can.

  1. Empire waist –

This is another incredible style that suites petite women. Unlike most dresses, empire-waist dresses have waistline slightly dropped beneath your burst rather than cutting your figure into half at natural lines. It therefore offers optimum cover for petite women and helps them appear lean and cute. If you have extra weight, it can perfectly conceal the tummy area and evens out your back.

  1. Drop waist –

Petite women with short torso will find drop waist more suited to their requirements. It elongates your torso and makes you look taller. It also hides the tummy and extra pounds. As opposite of empire waist, the waistline of drop waist is slightly lower than natural lines offering a long line of view (to give you longer look) and it can suite if you have long legs. It is important to choose designs whose waist hit your mid-thigh and dress hem should be some inches above your knee.

  1. Monochrome –

This is a simple yet perfect fashion style that most petite women are already aware of. It basically refers to wearing same color from top to bottom. With this style, you can never mess up and you will always look lean and tall. Whichever color matches your personality and accessories, the look is always the same.

  1. Fit jeans –

Most petite women who are 5’5″ and below will find themselves paying for hemming services whenever they purchase jeans unless you buy jeans specifically designed for petite women. However, there are various fit jeans that are perfect for petite women. Skinny jeans for instance are exceptional on any petite lady. Low rise jeans will help and give you long torso. If you have extra size, consider slim-fit technology and straight cuts.


There are many other looks that can suite slim figure but abovementioned are the top 5 fashion styles for petite women. It is always important to shop in high-end markets where you get top design and quality with perfect fit. It is also advisable to choose credible licensed retailers and designers. You can click to check ads like this one from for more insights and inspiration.

How to Care For Your Authentic Designer Bag

Designer handbags are always expensive. After spending huge sum of money on your favorite handbag, you will have to ensure that it stays in good condition as long as possible. Well caring of designer bag will provide you more years of enjoyment. What does proper care entail? It involves understanding of all ways that you can use avoid harming and knowing how to keep your bag safe. Authentic designer handbags from can lasts for many years, but bad habits can cause them to age prematurely. Here are top five care tips that will keep your handbag in pristine condition:


Use a dust bag

You probably have several bags for different occasions. Instead leaving one in the closet to collect dust, you should store it in a dust bag – soft cloth bag that has drawstring tie and it will fits securely around your bag – when you are not using it. A dust cover usually prevents handbag from fading and minimizes the likelihood of damage. Authentic designer bags are purchased with dust covers. Make sure you stuff your bag with paper to retain its original shape. If you keep your bag squashed, it will become shapeless.

Do not over-stuff it

Most women commit this crime each day. When your purse is big, temptation to fill it to the brim is great. However, you must resist it because over-stuffing puts stress on handbag’s handles, causing them to tear over time. You do not want to spoil an entire bag by ruining its handles – it will become waste.

Keep your handbag away from sunlight

Do not leave your bag in direct sunlight – whether it is by a window or hanging by a door. Doing so will cause it to fade astonishingly fast. If you want your bag to look authentic, store it in a shady area. This might seem like an inconsequential tip, but it will help in preserving your bag’s color. Many women wonder why their bags fade so fast; this can be traced to direct sunlight exposure.

Do not overuse your handbag

As much as you love your designer handbag, try to use it occasionally. If you carry the same bag from Monday to Friday, it will start aging fast. Do you take your stylish bag to work, clubs and beach parties? Soon, everyone will able to tell if you don’t give it a break. Therefore, using it often will ensure that your bag will look good.

Fix it as soon as possible

Whenever you spot a smudge, stain or loose screw on your handbag, fix it right away. Delaying repairs will only make that problem worse. Moreover, you might need that bag in an important meeting, and you discover that you forgot about its stain. What would you do then? Sure, you can find another bag; but if you had your heart set on that particular one, your day will have a bad start.

Before using your new designer handbag, you should use protective products to protect its material; this depends on the type of bag that you own. All designer bags have unique features and styling, thus they require different kinds of care. The longer you maintain your bag, the more you save money on it.